Gut Health Research

Did you know that tart cherries can help to improve your Gut Health?


Cherries Improve Gut Health

  • Tart cherries can positively impact the microbiome.
  • The polyphenols in tart cherries help with gut health.
  • A study was done on nine healthy 20-30 year old adults who drank 8oz of tart cherry juice for 5 days. The microbiome was positively altered and had better digestion.

New Emerging Research Suggest Montmorency Tart Cherries May Enhance Gut Health

  • Tart cherries can help increase good bacteria in the gut.
  • More research is needed to uncover all the positive effects that tart cherries have on gut health.
Additional Research

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Diets that include tart cherries have shown the aid of heart health. You can get those benefits without the undersirable side effects.

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Dried Tart Cherries


Suggested Daily Routine

Routine A: Add a handful of dried tart cherries to your salad, cereal, greek yogurt, or other meals!

Routine B: Include dried tart cherries as a part of your go-to snack like trail mix.